2070Si Subwoofer

Unusually at its price level, the Model 2070Si subwoofer is a completely DSP (Digital Signal Processing) driven system with highly efficient class D amplification. However this has meant we have been able to achieve an advanced level of functionality, as well as optimising the sonic performance, by undertaking all filtering and limiting completely in the digital domain. An example is the Speaker Type function switch, which alters the characteristic of the subwoofer's frequency response at the crossover point. This allows the subwoofer to be optimised for use with either ported speakers, like the rest of the Q Acoustics range, or infinite baffle models.

Gloss Black
Gloss White
'Best traditional 5.1 speaker package up to £700'
2000i Series 5.1 Cinema Pack
What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, Awards 2013

Speaker Specifications

Enclosure type:Ported
Bass Unit:2 x 170mm
Amplified Power:150W rms
Crossover Frequency:50Hz - 150Hz (var)
Dimensions H/D/W mm:425 x 560 x 195
Sold in:Single
Warranty: 2 Years