7000i Series 5.1 Cinema Package

The New Q Acoustics ‘7000i’
Best Style Package £700-£1000
What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, Awards 2013
Home Cinema 5.1 Speaker Package

Award Winning Loudspeaker Company Q Acoustics is pleased to introduce its new ‘7000i’ 5.1 Style Home Cinema Speaker package.

"The Q7000i is a stunning package at this price"

"you wouldn’t think you were listening to a relatively small speaker system"

"Got £900 to spend on a sub sat package? Spend it here"
What Hi-Fi? Sound And Vision October 2013

"The Q Acoustics is a mighty performer."

"The control and smoothness it brings is unusual for such small speakers and especially ones at such a sensible price point."

"build quality is excellent"

"Switch to stereo and the Q7000i is superb not just 'good for a sub sat system' but a seriously convincing piece of stereo, with a soundstage and cohesion that is a world away from 2.1 systems of old. If you are looking for a system that is equally capable for music and movies, I honestly feel that it breaks new ground for sub sat systems running in two channel."
AV Forums, Best Buy

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A hybrid audio solution Q Acoustics' active stereo speaker pair is an alternative to a soundbar. Adrian Justins reports Active bookshelf loudspeakers are an unorthodox alternative to a soundbar. But, assuming you have room for them on or near your TV, there is an obvious advantage in that no compromise has been made to size or shape. And while they look more retro than Gene Hunt sipping a Babycham, their innards are distinctly cutting-edge, with a 50W per-channel power amplifier (in the right speaker), aptX-compatible Bluetooth and a low-distortion DAC. Wired connections run to optical audio, stereo phono and 3.5mm analogue stereo line level inputs, plus a sub output. Each speaker has a 1in tweeter and 4in midrange/bass unit. TV viewing is substantially improved when using the optical hook-up. With ITV's cycling coverage I could comfortably hear the commentary whilst identifying the switch from helicopters to motorbikes, with the sound of spectators’ cheering coming through. Delivery is smoother than Bradley Wiggins’ time trialling action. Muttered dialogue in dramas such as Veep benefits hugely from the extra clarity whilst Blu-ray and DVD playback is punchy and dynamic. The Incredibles soundtrack is deftly handled with the subtle details of Bob Parr’s office activity contrasting with the high-pitched buzzing of the machines chasing Dash through the jungle. And musically, these speakers deliver too – Lady Ga Ga’s mezzo-soprano tones of You and I effortlessly filled my room, showcasing a nicely full-range and fulsome sound. The Q-BT3 does what its makers intend, being both a neat sonic upgrade for a TV and doubling up brilliantly for stereo music. Bit pricey, though.

"The Q-BT3 does what its makers intend, being both a neat sonic upgrade for a TV and doubling up brilliantly for stereo music"
Home Cinema Choice December 2013

“these speakers knock any similarly priced soundbar’s into a cocked hat”
What HiFi? February 2014

“better sound than any equivalent soundbar”
What HiFi? February 2014

“Masterful jack of all trades”
What HiFi? February 2014

"Superb sound quality and funky design come together in Q Acoustics’ wonderful wireless speaker system"
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Concept Range

"Speakers with a blend of qualities as comprehensive as this are rare at this price."

"It's amazing how much difference the new cabinet makes - these speakers are in a different league."

"Impressive clarity, seamless presentation; pleaseing refinement; excellent build and finish"
What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision Magazine May 2013

View Full Concept 20 Review HiFi News 2014

"In the correct setting, they are as good as – and in some cases better than – models costing 10 times as much."
View Full Concept 20 Review Financial Times April 2014

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7000 Series 5.1 Cinema Package

Q Acoustics - Brilliant News! Home Cinema Choice Awards 2012
The Winner is: Q Acoustics 7000 Home Cinema Speakers

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Q Acoustics 7000 5.1 home cinema speaker package has won another major award. Already the recipient of the What Hi-Fi 'Loudspeaker of the Year' award; the 7000 is now acclaimed by the hugely influential Home Cinema Choice magazine in their 2012 Awards.

Award Winner 2012 - Best Speaker Package under £1000

Describing the 7000 speakers the magazine states:
"As a brand, Q Acoustics has had a short life-span, but it's already earned a legion of fans. With products like the Q7000 it's easy to see why. This is a stylish sub/sat package with a tempting price tag (£800 for a full 5.1) and a performance that needs to heard to be believed. It may even make you wonder if you really need floorstanding speakers. In one of the most fiercely-fought markets in home entertainment, Q Acoustics has the weapon to take on any challengers." The unrivalled Q Acoustics 7000 5.1 speaker package has now won both major home cinema awards - why would your customers buy anything else?

"I was impressed by the power and might think these were coffin-sized floorstanders"
Home Cinema Choice Magazine, March 2012

"Simply the best pound-for-pound speaker package of any type we've tested"
What Hi-Fi? Sound And Vision, October 2011

"If you genuinely care about audio quality, the difference the 7000 Cinema System can make to your home theatre setup is staggering.", December 2011

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Q Acoustics 7000S Subwoofer

"Removed from the partnering satellite speakers, the 7000 reveals itself to be equally accomplished. The interesting design results in a clever and flexible subwoofer that combines a usefully small footprint with an attractive design and excellent build quality. It is the sonic performance that really stands out however. This is a fabulous balance of depth and speed that really helps bring out the best in a multichannel system. We asked the question whether the Q7000 subwoofer was good enough to be considered outside of a matching Q Acoustics system and the answer is undoubtedly yes."
View Full Review AVForums Best Buy Award, August 2012

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Q Acoustics 2050i

Q Acoustics 2050i

"excellent all-rounders, and a towering success."

"excellent speakers ... a real bargain."

"a remarkable amount of detail"

"a refined sound"

"Great sound and build at a great price: these are really fantastic speakers"

What HI-FI? July 2013 'Test Winner'

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Q Acoustics 2010i - Another Fabulous Review

Hi-Fi Choice magazine (March 2012) gives the Q Acoustics 2010i an absolutely brilliant '5 STAR' review.

They describe the speaker as: 'Tiny Dynamite' and go on to say the 2010i delivers

"Stunning musicality, alongside remarkable power handling."

Jason Kennedy, their very experienced reviewer states:

"I was blown away by the musical integrity and sheer entertainment they deliver." "it is far better than it has any right to be." "it's superb."

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Q-TV Speakers

"Sound is brilliant and better than any of the other sound bars on test."
Which?,, September 2011

"Q-TV is almost invisible but sonically impossible to ignore."
Stuff Magazine,, April 2010,

"The perfect way to bolster your TV's sound"
What Video & Hi-Def TV,, March 2010

"Sound improvement is immediate and obvious"
"Practically invisible and essentially becomes a part of your flatscreen."
Home Cinema Choice,, Jan 2010

"The neatest home cinema system ever conceived"
"The improvement over your flatscreen's own audio performance is huge."
"You have to hear Q-TV2"
What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision,, Nov 2009,

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