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Q Acoustics Concept 20 Award

The beautifully finished, compact and eminently affordable Concept 20 loudspeaker is designed for music lovers who wish to enjoy performances at their very highest quality. The Concept 20 changes everything. Their revolutionary ‘GelcoreTM Construction’ incorporated into their design means, for the very first time, music lovers can enjoy genuine ‘high end’ sonic performance at a very affordable price.

The astonishing ability of the Concept 20 is best revealed when the loudspeakers are used in conjunction with the matching Concept 20 Speaker Stands which, to optimise performance, boasts a GelcoreTM layer in its top plate. This is both visually striking and is resonance-free to optimise sonic performance. With the option of either lacquered gloss black, or lacquered gloss white, not only will they sound amazing, but will also look great. Their versatile design means they are also at home on furniture, bookshelves or suitable wall brackets. Wherever you decide to place them, they will deliver an amazing experience that many of those with a higher price range struggle to reach.

Lacquered Gloss Black (with stand)
Lacquered Gloss Black (no stand)
Lacquered Gloss White (with stand)
Lacquered Gloss White (no stand)
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What is Gelcore™?

The 'Concept 20' proves cabinet resonance need be a problem no longer.

Gelcore Speakers
Incorporating a 'cabinet within a cabinet' design, its inner and outer enclosures are bound together by a bespoke adhesive which never quite sets. This configuration (known as Gelcore™ construction) allows the kinetic energy generated by the drive units within the cabinet to be dispersed as heat and preventing them colouring and degrading the speaker's musical output.

The 'cabinet within a cabinet' Gelcore™ construction dramatically reduces resonances and colouration. The 'cabinet within a cabinet' Gelcore™ construction

Combine this new cabinet design with the Concept 20's advanced, high dynamic, low distortion drive units and the result is a loudspeaker which, at its price, is nothing short of sensational."


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Speaker Specifications

Enclosure type:2-way reflex
Bass Unit:125mm
Treble Unit:25mm
Frequency Response:64Hz - 22kHz
Nominal Impedance:6ohm
Minimum Impedance:4ohm
Recommended Power:25 - 75w
Crossover Frequency:2.9kHz
Dimensions H/D/W mm:265 x 282 x 170
Sold in:Pairs
Finishes available:Lacquered Black Gloss / Lacquered White Gloss
Warranty:5 Years

Stand Specifications

Dimensions H/D/W mm:655 x 240 x 386

*When compared to a good conventional cabinet, radiated power (colouration) throughout the critical mid-band (voice frequencies) reduces by an average of more than -6dB. In the high and low frequencies the effect is even greater, with improvements in excess of -10dB.